Support Nightlife NYC is an initiative to help members of the NYC nightlife community that are existentially threatened by the current public health and economic crisis. Thirty six international artists have come together to design one poster each as a reward for donations. All proceeds will be distributed equally among a select group of NYC nightlife collectives/ parties beneficiaries. From there each nightlife collective will distribute their portions to real people from within their networks who have been hit hard by this pandemic. Djs, hosts, fashionistas, visual artists and more are connected to these collectives. This effort is a way to get money into the hands of real people with NYC nightlife who keep NYC alive. 
SUPPORT NIGHTLIFE NYC is supported by 2020Solidarity/Between Bridges. 
As a result of the COVID crisis, all live shows, clubs and nightlife events in NYC have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, and possibly until a vaccine has been found, effectively depriving an entire community of artists, musicians, DJs and promoters working within theses industries of a large part or all of their income. Many artists also do not qualify for federal unemployment, due to their immigration status or for other reasons.
We believe that the Queer nightlife scene is an essential part of NYC culture that not only provides a community for people who frequently might not have one otherwise, but also has for decades been an incubator for ideas and cultural trends which have inspired and influenced artists and musicians worldwide.
The posters will be listed at $50 donation and are size A2 (59.4 x 42 cm / 23.4 x 16.5 in). An unlimited edition, only available for a limited period of time until 10 August Pick-up in NYC and shipping in the US, UK, Canada, and European Union. Mail out begins after postal services have returned back to normal (estimated August/September 2020).
For more information or if you are an organization, charity or a business working in the cultural or social sector directly affected by the crisis and want to participate, please contact Between Bridges: 
NYC Nightlife Collectives / Party Beneficiaries: